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TLM Color Changing Foundation Reviews (Updated 2023) Is It REALLY Worth the Price?

If there’s one basic makeup product I can’t live without, it’s foundation. However, I know how difficult it is trying to find the perfect foundation shade that matches my skin tone. There are so many different types of shades to choose from, that I feel confused with what can give me a natural look.

That’s why I was very interested in the TLM Color Changing Foundation, which has unique properties that made it popular worldwide. In fact, many beauty influencers have commented on its versatility and effectiveness!

That’s why I decided to give it a go and give my own TLM Color Changing Foundation Review. So read on to see what I think of it.

What Is the Foundation About?
Let’s head to the bottom of the TLM color changing foundation! This product is a liquid foundation that helps create the even and uniform color to your skin complexion. It also covers flaws and creates a good base for your makeup, allowing it to set better.

But that’s what all foundations do, so what makes the TLM color changing foundation better than the typical ones?

As the name suggests, this product changes COLOR when applied to! And it doesn’t change to just any color, it changes to the shade of your natural skin complexion.

What is color-changing foundation, though?

Color-changing products are offered to universally flatter your color and coverage, removing any hassle of figuring out what your skin tone and shade is. It also removes the trouble of finding concealers and foundation to match, which can be tough since we have varying skin tones!

They are also known as self-adjusting foundations, either reacting to the PH level of your skin and another that uses encapsulated pigments. Such pigments suspend colors in oil or gel, breaking as it’s massaged to your skin.

Because pH levels don’t have much to do with your skin tone, it’s best to invest in ones made with encapsulated pigments, which is what the TLM color changing foundation is made of. It’s the reason why the product is all-white rather than the brown colors we’re used to. However, they are also available in grey colors.

It is actually the first ever liquid foundation that comes as all-white, a revolutionary product that would instantly self-adjust to match your skin tone. This is thanks to its unique formula, which is known to protect and moisturize your skin as well, evening out your complexion further.

Benefits of Using the TLM Color Changing Foundation

The TLM color changing foundation works with its separate formula that separates and suspends its pigments, which are small microcapsules, in its base. The base is an SPF moisturizer, this is what makes the foundation white.

Such pigments are coated with a gel or oil, which stops them from breaking down in the base. But once the foundation is applied then blended to your skin, the coatings will break and the colored pigments release.

Scientifically, pigments can’t know what your skin complexion is, so it won’t self-adjust to match. That’s why when you apply the foundation and leave it on your skin, it doesn’t give the perfect match.

BUT, when you start to blend the foundation, more color is released. As you blend more, you’ll start to see to the point where you are satisfied with the foundation’s shade and tone and stop blending.

Meaning, while you got to obtain the perfect foundation shade match, it is up to you to continue blending for the foundation to work.

With that in mind, why bother using the TLM Color Changing Foundation over other brands?

Here are some benefits users have reported:

  • It’s versatile and works as both a sunscreen and moisturizer, so you won’t have to spend more on other products. It will also help keep your skin hydrated and protected from the UV rays of the sun!
  • The foundation blends well and is easy to use overall, it has proper consistency and it stays on your face properly.
  • It works well in most complexions, whether you need fairer coverage or have darker complexions.

TLM Color Changing Foundation Features and Specs

Before getting into my actual review, let’s first take a look at what to expect with this color-changing product. Here are the following specs and claims based on TLM Color Changing Foundation themselves:

  • It utilizes Mico-Fil technology to cover spots on the areas you’d like to hide
  • Instantly colors and self-adjusts to your exact skin tone, thanks to shade-sensing beads (encapsulated pigments) to deliver optimum shade transformation after blending to your face.
  • Has a very light formula that provides a natural look
  • Acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen, containing SPF15 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum for extra protection
  • Quick absorption that’s easy to apply and give off amazing skin, without any dryness or cracking
  • Long-lasting formula that lasts for up to 16 hours
  • Gives off a smooth, flawless, and natural finish, with a good texture that smoothens seamlessly to your skin
  • Covers your blemishes, fine lines, and/or wrinkles
  • Has a hydrating effect and is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Clinically tested and 100% cruelty-free, developed with advice from plastic surgeons and dermatologists
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to receive your money’s worth

Now, let’s see if their claims are true when tested out in real life!

My Official TLM Color Changing Foundation Review

tlm colorr changing foundation

Now that you know what this TLM changing foundation is and how it works, what are its reviews? It’s important to learn what other people think of it and how they used it, so you know what to expect from the product!

I chose to review it (mind you, I have a darker complexion and wanted something for my sensitive face) because I wanted to see if it did match all complexions. I separated my reviews per important factor to consider when selecting a good foundation. So here are my points and I’ll tackle if I would invest in the product at the end:

The First Impression
When I first saw the product, I was a bit skeptical. It felt too good to be true, having something that changed and adjusted to my unique complexion. But I was curious and decided to check it out to review it for myself and others.

I purchased it off and when it arrived, I noticed that the package did look solid and well-built. The bottle looked cute and smaller than expected, but it was fair enough for its price and how similar products are priced anyway.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any instructions included with the box, so I didn’t know if there was any other “special” way to use it. But it doesn’t seem like you need anything else, such as moisturizer or primer. I decided to use it the way I would use other liquid-based foundations.

Texture and Smell
One of the first things I noticed upon opening the product to check it out was its texture and smell. The smell was similar to sunscreen or moisturizer, some may not like the smell, and it’ll take time to feel accustomed to both the scent and its consistency.

It smelled more like sunscreen and has a similar texture, and though it’s claimed as a lightweight formula, it feels thick when you run it through your fingers.

But that doesn’t matter, as long as it was properly blended. There were no lumps or the like, and it felt smooth to the touch.

You just need to add just a bit first and work your way up, if needed. Just avoid adding too much, as it’s still thick and may end up looking even whiter.

Does it Give Full Coverage?
For the coverage, it is light to medium, which is much better than looking too dark and feeling heavy. I’d opt for the lighter to medium coverage. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve full coverage when adding more layers.

However, the best coverage is on the first layer anyway. I don’t recommend adding too many layers, as it will leave you pale. That’s why I believe that this is best suited for healthier skin. For those who have serious problems such as acne scars, it’s still possible to give good coverage to hide blemishes.

tlm color changing foundation formula

But avoid adding too much, because if you add multiple layers, it may leave you looking paler. The way you blend is also a major factor, as it’s best to use circular motions for a more natural and smoother look.

Is It Long-Lasting?
As mentioned, the product is claimed to last up to 16 hours, which is beneficial for those who need longer-lasting coverage. This is a major advantage, compared to most products that only last for two hours or so.

With this product, it can moisturize and control oil well, so your face would look matte for hours. Even in the afternoon, the product still looks freshly applied, lasting up to nightfall. This is compared to other foundations that are melted off mid-morning!

And because it acts as both a moisturizer and sunscreen, you won’t have to worry about feeling heavy or clogged up. This keeps you comfortable for hours on end, while you look and feel great. But of course, do take safety precautions to avoid it from melting off!

Consistency and Blending
When I began the review, I was a bit caught off guard with its all-white color with a few colored specks around it. But it would start to even out the more you blend it, which is easy to do using a brush or sponge.

One pump will give you a small blob, having a thick consistency. It’s honestly thicker and creamier compared to other products I’ve used. It looks matte with a bit of shimmer compared to glossy finishes the others have.

As you apply it, think of it as if you’re using a face mask, so you’ll need to spread it out finely, taking about two to five minutes before you’re able to find some change.

Overall Results and Finish
The number one thing I needed to review this product is how it works with oily skin. I hate shiny finishes, opting for a matte look instead.

Fortunately, it gives off an amazing luminous finishing look. It isn’t exactly matte but does just well. To help fix that and give a full matte look, I use a translucent powder.

tlm color changing formula

Overall, I believe that the product is perfect for oily skin, without it feeling too shiny, heavy, or oily. Even during hot afternoons, I still have a great and smooth finish that seems to last long.

However, if you have dry and acne-prone skin, you may want to try just a bit of it before you try adding more layers. The thicker consistency may be nice (though a LITTLE bit heavy at first), but may not provide enough coverage if you have heavy acne and blemishes.

 Are There Any Disadvantages? 

Just like different types of makeup (or just about any type of product, really), this one comes with a few disadvantages you have to take note of.

Here are some of the downfalls the TLM color foundation may have:

  • It comes at a hefty price for such a small bottle, which may not be suitable for those on a budget
  • Some people have said that it may leave a white cast on their face and that it stays white.
  • Other users may not be used to the liquid foundation, opting for powder type. This can have them feel a bit heavy at first, taking some time to get used to using liquid foundation with a “different” formula.
  • You don’t find any instructions with the product, and while it’s easy to understand how to use it, instructions would have been nice as it was a different formula. There is also no ingredient list but still claimed as cruelty-free and clinically-tested.

With all this in mind, you have to weigh the pros and cons to see if the product is best suited for your skin type and specific complexion. I believe that it can suit most skin tones and types, but what may work for me might not for others, so it’s best to give it a test run.

Fortunately, if it doesn’t work for you as expected, you can still take advantage of their return and money-back guarantees.

tlm color changing foundation

How to Apply the Product

Here are the following tips and steps to follow when using this product to get the most out of it:

Preparing Your Face
When prepping your face, simply follow the steps as you would with your daily skincare routine. Simply clean your face with your facial cleanser and toner, if required. This can further protect your face when placing makeup products, including your foundation.

It will also further clean your face, protecting it from blemishes, and get it ready for your makeup routine. I recommend that you use a facial cleanser that works best for your skin tone, applying it for 30-60 seconds before rinsing it with warm water. This better cleans out your face and takes care of your pores.

Using the TLM Foundation Color Changing Product
When you’re about to use the product on your face, you can do so just as you would with any liquid foundation. However, you will need to blend the product a bit more compared to the typical foundation you use.

This will help you achieve the desired shade, so it may take a few minutes, which is why I highly recommend you use a good beauty blender rather than just your fingers. While your fingers work well, it may not blend and smoothen out correctly. You may also attempt to use a Kabuki or Flat Brush, depending on your skin type.

Just make sure that as you brush it, you do so in one motion consistently, even if it may take a bit longer for the white color to settle to your complexion.

Keeping the TLM Foundation Color Changing Product Smooth and Long-Lasting
Once you have it on your face, that doesn’t mean you can simply put makeup and be on your way! You also need to care for your face to prevent the product and your makeup from melting away or looking unnatural. Even if you did your makeup routine right, it still won’t stay on your face without taking care of it throughout the day.

When you applied your makeup, make sure you apply primer on your face, as well as layer the product with matching powder. You can use a translucent powder, to finish off with setting spray.

Besides this, make sure to avoid staying under the sun or hot places, which can have you sweat and cause your makeup to melt!

Storing the Product
When you store the product, you should keep it in a dark area at room temperature. I like to keep it in my bathroom, rather than outside where the chemicals can alter from being under extreme heat.

Also, store the product where it’s far form children and pets, who may either tamper or ingest the bottle. This is NOT good, as the chemicals are toxic and should not be consumed or met with the eyes. It should only be within your face and skin.

Wiping the TLM Foundation Color Changing Product Off:
Once you’re done using the product, you can wipe it off your face easily using makeup remover wipes. As you use the wipes, make sure that you wipe it gently, taking care of your skin as you do so.

When you have removed most of the product with the wipes, follow it by cleansing with your facial cleanser, to follow with toner and moisturizer. Use warm water and soft cotton pads to clean your face, and pat dry gently. You can follow it up with any masks that can help your specific skin type.

My Final Verdict 

Overall, do I feel like it’s worth the investment?

For something very affordable, I believe that YES, it’s worth the try. It’s something many ladies can easily get because of its lower price, even coming with a package to get the most out of your makeup routines.

Everything went smoothly for me, and though there were a few minor issues, they are easy to address and I can still obtain the right skin tone I want as a base to use other makeup products.

It feels great on my face and gives off a flawless complexion, so I have no complaints. Furthermore, I feel like I’m able to walk around in confidence without the foundation looking sticky or fake. It stays to my true colors, almost like magic!

I would recommend this makeup product for anyone looking to invest in something meant for all skin tones. If you have a difficult time finding the right color for your makeup routine. It blends well, doesn’t cause acne, and looks amazing no matter what colors and makeup look I pull off that day.

BUT, it isn’t the perfect or magical foundation that works 101%. There may be flaws, depending on your skin complexion and type. I still believe it’s best worth the shot and to use it carefully at first.

While it isn’t sold in stores (yet, maybe?), you can easily find them for sale online. Just make sure that you choose one from reputable sellers, or TLM Color Changing Foundation themselves.

If you want to learn more about the TLM color changing foundation and what other people think of it, you’ll find TLM color changing foundation review sites or vlogs of famous beauty influencers talk about it as well! That’s how popular the foundation is, which is always why I chose to review it.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, I believe that this colour match foundation is amazing! TLM Color Changing Foundation did a great job with its foundation, giving off a natural appearance with light coverage, no matter what your skin tone is.

I hope that these TLM foundation reviews helped you have an idea of what to expect with this cool foundation. So if you feel like this is the perfect product for you, try out this foundation color-changing product yourself and let me know how it goes!

tlm color changing foundation


  • I’d like to give it a try. It sounds like what I’ve been searching for.

    Dale Spencer Kight
  • I have been using TLM about 2 years and love it. Very good product.

  • I have been using TLM about 2 years and love it. Very good product.

  • I have been using TLM about 2 years and love it. Very happy with results.

  • One of my favorite face products

    Gayle Chouest

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